What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful methodology that focuses on developing conversational and emotional intelligence, improving social skills, and enhancing communication effectiveness. It provides practical techniques to help you become a more influential and impactful leader.

Who we are?

NewB specializes in people Development, Customized Training and Professional Coaching. Sandra Aveleira Viljoen is the founder and creator of the New Beginnings Brand and Products. New Beginnings offers a variety of exciting products and services which focus on People, Passion and Emotions. These include specific Training Programs which are renowned standardized courses, such as ‘The Ripple Effect’, ‘Building a Future Together’, as well as programs which are consultative based and customized according to an organization’s specific needs and requirements. New Beginnings also brings International recognized programs and is the only licensed provider in Mauritius for eC@PS, a unique Compass Aligned Performance System Training Tool, Identity Compass Personal Assessment tools and the Meta-Coach Training system certified by the International Society of Neuro Semantics. It can be assured that after attending a New Beginnings workshop, people walk-out motivated, enthused and passionate about themselves, their companies and serving customers!!! New Beginnings is a registered Training Institution with the MQA (Mauritian Qualifications Authority), since April 2011. Now in Fiji!
  • Superior interpersonal skills, to епаblе taking charge of your own life direction.
  • Accelerate your own personal performance through appyling-to-self, First!
  • Develop Emotional and Cognitive lntelligence.
  • Own the tools and confidence to produce peak performance and motivation.
  • Develop personal confidence, have more fun, and appreciate life with NLP coaching courses!

Why attend?

Whether you're an experienced leader or just starting your journey, NLP for Leaders - Coaching Essentials is a program that will help you unlock your true potential. By honing your communication skills and expanding your emotional intelligence, you'll be equipped with the tools to inspire and motivate others, foster productive relationships, and achieve personal and professional success. You will learn:

The NLP Communication Model

Gain a deep understanding of the NLP Communication Model, which explores the intricacies of human interaction. Learn how to effectively decode and utilize verbal and non-verbal cues to enhance your communication skills. Discover the power of matching and mirroring to establish rapport and create meaningful connections with others.

The Representation System

Explore the fascinating world of representation systems and how they influence our perception and communication. Develop insights into how individuals process information through visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory channels. Learn to adapt your communication style to resonate with different representation systems, fostering better understanding and connection.

Sensory Awareness Detection

Heighten your sensory awareness and learn to detect subtle cues from others. Sharpen your observation skills to better understand their thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Develop the ability to read microexpressions, tonal shifts, and body language, allowing you to respond appropriately and build stronger relationships.

Calibration Skills

Develop precise calibration skills to accurately perceive and interpret non-verbal signals such as body language, facial expressions, and tonality. Master the art of reading people and adjusting your communication accordingly. Gain the ability to adapt your approach, ensuring your message is received and understood in the most effective way possible.

Advanced Rapport Skills

Deepen your rapport-building abilities and establish connections with others effortlessly. Learn advanced techniques to build trust, establish common ground, and create harmonious relationships. Explore the power of pacing and leading, matching and mismatching, to create profound connections and influence positive outcomes.

Language Precision

Harness the power of language precision to effectively convey your message and ensure clarity in your communication. Learn to use precise and impactful language to inspire and influence others. Discover the art of framing and reframing, enabling you to reframe challenges into opportunities and empower those around you.

How to Ask Empowering Questions

Discover the art of asking empowering questions that stimulate critical thinking, inspire creativity, and facilitate personal growth. Unlock the potential to guide and motivate others through insightful questioning techniques. Develop the skill of active listening and the ability to ask thought-provoking questions that expand perspectives and elicit powerful responses.

Meta-Program Detection

Explore meta-programs, the unconscious filters that shape our thoughts, behaviors, and responses. Learn how to detect and utilize meta-programs to better understand and influence others. Gain insights into their decision-making patterns, motivators, and preferences, allowing you to tailor your communication and leadership style to maximize effectiveness.

The Well-Formed Outcome Model

Learn the Well-Formed Outcome Model, a powerful framework for setting and achieving goals effectively. Master the art of crafting outcomes that are compelling, achievable, and aligned with your values. Develop the ability to create a roadmap for success and guide others towards their desired outcomes, fostering a culture of growth and achievement.

Perceptual Positioning & Flexibility

Develop the ability to view situations from multiple perspectives through perceptual positioning. Enhance your flexibility in thinking and problem-solving, enabling you to navigate complex challenges with ease. Cultivate empathy and gain a broader understanding of diverse viewpoints, facilitating collaboration and effective decision-making.

Develop High Levels of Emotional Intelligence

Cultivate emotional intelligence, a vital skill for effective leadership. Learn to identify and regulate emotions, empathize with others, and create an emotionally intelligent environment. Develop the ability to navigate interpersonal dynamics with grace and build strong, supportive relationships that drive success.

Facilitated by

Sandra Viljoen

International Trainer

July 6 - Day 1


Self awareness - Listening (Skill #1)

July 7 - Day 2


Relationships - Supporting - Rapport building (Skill #2)

July 13 - Day 3


State management - Influencing - Leading Inspiration (Skill #3)

July 14 - Day 4


Integrating - Questioning - Goal setting (Skill #4)

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